14 Feb 2010

You are what you eat

That means that if you want to feel like Norwegian, eat Norwegian food! What is this Norwegian cuisine actually? How do these dishes taste, prepared from raw materials available in Norwegian mountains, wilderness and coast? Some cuisine specialists reckon that Norwegians have lack of savor. Truly, their sources of raw materials are very limited and their cuisine bears the marks of globalization such as pastas, pizzas, meatballs etc. But, I disagree that they have lack of savor. From fish, sea fruits, potatoes as well as reindeer and elk meat, you can make a masterpiece of delicious cuisine. Of course, you can add some global ingredients such pasta, sauces from Poland (a must in my cooking), onion from Netherlands etc., just to improve your dish.
I usually start my day with cup of coffee or tea and something light like cornflakes with milk or scrambled eggs with pieces of røkt laks (smoked salmon). When I don’t have a time or milk then I often eat Wasabröd (creasp bread, well-known in Poland) with a fish paste from tube called “Kaviar” or with slice of brunost (brown cheese made from goat’s milk). Believe me, I usually don’t have time, so scrambled eggs are occasional.
Lunch. I often do it between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. This time a have more time to prepare something valuable. It’s all depends on my imagination and fancy. Sometimes I do something simple such as smørrebrød, which is nothing like open sandwich consisted of bread with spread mayonnaise and whatever you want on the top. Originally smørrebrød was born during industrialism in Denmark. When people started to work outside their farms and brought leftovers with bread to have for lunch at work. My “leftovers”, which I put on Wasabröd, include fish or reke (shrimp) paste, salami or paté from Poland, brunost or gourmet reindsyr (sausage from reindeer) and the spicy ketchup on the very top. Yummy! If I want something warm to eat for lunch and I don’t expect later kisses with my beloved fiancé Monika, I'll eat fried reke (shrimps) with garlic sauce and garlic self-baked rolls (bought ready to bake), using only my fingers.
Diner. I very often eat with my Dutch roommate Barend at Dutch time somewhere in the region of 6 p.m. Diner always supply our stomachs with heavy load of food. We like surprise each other but the longer we live together the more we know about our surprises. He knows very well how taste luscious fried laks (salmon) with French fries and boiled carrot prepared by me. There is also no more surprise if I prepare own invented food - penne (famous Italian pasta) with broccolis, appetizing surimi fingers and Carbonara sauce. Yum – yum!

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