11 Jan 2010

Indroduction and Oslo arrival

In the coldest week Norway has experienced for years, with degrees down to minus 28 degrees of Celsius, I have arrived to Sandefjord Torp airport at nearly 9 a.m. January 4th and ubiquitous darkness hugged snow-covered Norwegian ground. The first question came to my mind at that moment was: why have I chosen Norway as my Erasmus destination?

The answer is simple. I have chosen one of the best business school in Europe situated in Oslo, it is very well funded programme and everyone speaks English here. Each year, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) produces the Human Development Report, which ranks the countries of the world according to such factors as income, education and life expectancy. In 2009 UNDP ranked Norway as the best country in the world to live in, for the ninth year in a row (UNDP statistics). Meanwhile, my country is placed 41st.

The purpose of this blog is to verify the claim that Norway is the best place to live with my Erasmus adventure description as a background. I do hope this blog will not offend anybody and I do hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoying my experience here. I am only going to share my feelings and considerations with you, so I encourage you to comment my posts, which will be well regarded. Furthermore, I do hope to carry out some kind of discussion, which will provide better conclusions.

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