29 Jan 2010

Wanna be a Snusmumriken?

One of the artefacts of Norwegian pretty boys with gelled hair is snus. Snus is simply a moist powder tobacco product, which is consumed by placing it under the lip for extended periods of time in purpose of get high with nicotine. To begin with, in the 16th century Snuff – pulverized tobacco - was invented by Jean Nicot as a migraine remedy. Later in the 19th century Swedish producers began to manufacture local brands of moist snuff placed under the upper lip which did not require spitting, and became known as snus. The sale of snus is illegal in the European Union (Euro-Lex), but due to exemptions, it is still manufactured and consumed primarily in Sweden and Norway, although it is now available in the United States. As I noticed it is commonly consumed in Norway also during the classes in the university. What is more, I don’t really know what intentions Tove Jansson had – Swedish-speaking Finnish novelist – placing SNUSmumriken (Snusmumriken) as one of the creature in Moominvalley. One thing I know about Snusmumriken is that he wears old green clothes and a wide brimmed hat he's had since birth. He lives in a tent, SMOKES A PIPE, plays the harmonica and Tove based him on her friend and one-time fiancĂ©, Atos Wirtanen (Atos Wirtanen).

While snus is returning to favor there is a public debate whether it is safer for human life than cigarettes or not. As far as I am concerned the nicotine is one of the most toxic and addicting of all chemical substances I know. Since I gave up smoking I’m in loyal opposition against any form of nicotine consumption. Snus is actually one of this ways and it contains nicotine as well. Otherwise, there are some advantages of using snus. First, it obviously doesn’t cause lung cancer, because it isn’t been smoked. Second, it doesn’t make surrounding inhale the destructive smoke. On the other hand, snus still remains a stimulant containing a nicotine, which is unnecessary for human life. Moreover, it is horrible for teeth and still rip-off.
Finally, I want to congratulate Swedish and Norwegian governments that men in these both countries have the lowest rate of lung cancer in Europe (according to WHO).

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